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'm not going there therethe issue... g-o-p presidential candidate mitt romney is accused of back-ttaccing on... and the reason he says... he waa misund. ((break 1)) ((bump n)) ((2--hot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologiit)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map fiber 695 at proviodencemdot 695 at bwmapmdott95 at 152 mta 3 3 3 3 3 the auto industry... is going fulllforce ahead. well they did in shhppers are buying. cars buying. 'no, i can't be for that,' g-o-p presidential candidate... rickksantorum is throwing an accusing finger at fellow candidate mitt romney. the issue romney's accuuee of flip-flopping on... nd what he recieved for his campaign... that santorum didn't. ((bump out)) 3 mitt romney hopes to keee up his winning ways heading into next week's "super tuesday". republicaa presidential - nominees.romney won three more states this week ... michigan, arizona anddwyoming.but as joe johns reports ... he's also given his opponeets some ammunition to take him down. down. 3--reporter pkg-as followss--in this roller coaster ride of aa race.. the sign t
economic lightweight. i heard governor romney ere called me an economic lightweight ecause i wasn't a wall street financier like hee & you think thattis the kind of experrence we need? someone who is goinn to takee and look after, as he did, his friends on wall street and bail them out at the expense of main street america?"the romney caapaign took another swipe at santorum, posting a web ad showing santoruu endorsing himmfor president in must vote fformmtt romney.and romney savored sunddy's win in puerto rico. these pancakes are something else i tell you. (laughter) these pancakes are about as larre as my win in puerto rico last ight i must admit.i'' greg black reporting. the latest oll bbythe ameeican reseaach group shows romnee with a double digit lead over santorum in the sttte.the poll found 44- percenn of likelyyg-o-p primary votersswould choose romney... compared to 30- percent for santorum.there are 54 delegates at stake. fox45 is your source for vote 2012. go to our website fox baltimore dot com and click on the vote 2012 tab oo the left of your screee.y
in the state that held the most delegates a closer look at the primary and caacus results. 3 3&mitt romney is the projected winner offthe battleeround state f ohio -- the big ppize of the niggt - in a tight race with rick santorum.the other feathers in romney's cap include idaho, vermont, pirginia and of courre his hhme state of massachusetts, where he served as governor. romney ddressed supporters n boston as he started racking up the wins.tonight we're counting up thh delegates for the convention and that looks good, and we're counting doon the days until november, and that looks even better . rick santorum is projected to win north dakota, oolahoma and tennessee.and he put up a strong fight for ohio.we went up against enormous odds not just heee in the state of ohio, where who knows how much we were out-spent, but in every state.newt gingrich was hailed the winner of georgia -- which he repreeented n congress for two decades."this is amazing. i hope the analysts innwashinnttn and new yook wwo speet june aad july explaining our ampaign was dead will atcc ttis tonight and learn a
this earr year. front-runner mitt romney paid a visit toothe american legion post ii arbutus wednesday. more than 350 people gathered there romney took about 30 minutes - to remmnd voters why he deserves to be the republicans' choice in the maryland presidential race. he never mentioned any of his rival candidates... choosing instead, to stay focused on president obama. (romney) "he said he'd cut taxpayers, that hasn't happened either. this an is out of ideas and he'ssout of &pexcuses and in 2012, we're going to make sure we get him out of office (applause)" (applause)" typically... maryland is one of the 3 country's most reliable blue states.but in this yeaa's race for the g-o-p nomination... every republican primary vote couuts and maryland matters with its 37 delegates at stake. fox45 is your ource for vote 2012...for more information ... go to fox baltimore dot com... and click on vooe 2012... tab on the left of yoor'll find complete coverage ... as the race for the white house heats up. a plan o explore the sale or re-develooment of 15 bal
is in hawaai -- at an average of 4-48 a gallon. mitt romney said the president &ptackle such problems.the president learned about the pconooy by reading about it (laughter), not by livinn it. 25 years in businees taught me how jobs come and how they go. i'm rick vincent reporting the all-time national aveeage high for gas is 4- dollars 11-cents a gaalon... set in july 2008.we're currently about 6-point-7 percent below that. accordinn to triple a... the gallon of gasoline sits at 3 dollars and 83 centss &pare shelling out three cents more... with the average at 3 dollars and 86 cents. ponth ago. cents higher than and 28 ccnts higher than a &pyear ago . .analyst predict prices could climb to 4 dollars and twenty five cents by mmy.. we can't do much about the rise in gas pricee... but we can help you find tte beet prices in the area.just go to our website foxbaltimore dot com... and click n pump pptrol undee hot topics. 3 mitt romney wins thee republican presidential primary in puertt rico.rooney campaigned in the commmnwealth friday with the help of puerto rico's governor.puerto rico
in his neck of the woods ahead of tueeday's g-o-p primmry the winner witt women will be romney.bryant says: "governor romney has a great favorability rating with female professional woman is - going to say 'that's who i want to vote for.'" (on cam tag)doocy sayy: "a campaign official tells us hat the president won't be personally involved in the outreach tt women this week. he's going to bb busy with british prime minister david cameron. but on friday mister obama will hit thh campaign trail in georgia and illinois. so stay tuned. and check your mailboxes. in washington, peter doocy, fox news." check your cabinets... cabinets...gerber is recalling some of ts baby formula... after reports of fouu odors. the product number affected... and if it really poses a health risk to your child. child.but first...carrier pidgeons?the other outrageous things people are trying to claim on their taxes this year...and if it works. ((break 3)) 3 if you haven't filed your taxes yet... you've ggt just over a month o get them done. deductions for everything that's allowed ... some pe
in the ssate in the last week. newtt gingrich was in annapolis... runnee mitt romney wws in arbuuus lass week. acccrding to tte lltest c-n-n poll... president obama holds a doubleedigit lead over mitt romney and rick santorum.the poll ssggests....if the right now.. insteaa of eld november... 54 percenttof registered voters would back support romneyyin the obama preeident would have 555. the percent suppprt ... to santorum's 42-percent. sse all of our stooies n he racc for the whitt house. thhy're on ouu website... foxbaltimmre dot com. it turns out ... people in europeeare the biigest alcchhl drinkers in the woold.a new repoot from the world ealth orranizztioo says europeans on average consume about 2 and a &phalf liters a year.thha's about three standard alcoholic driiks a day.expeets say i's a growwng health problem with more than 40-recognized alcohol-related ccndiiions. it's officially spring,, and "do it yourselfers" are aareadyygathering heir tools to improve the home in ime foo summer. but don't is live at home depot with somm big savings before you put those big iidas to
at stake inthe illinois primary... and mitt romney is going hommewith the majority of them. them.the former massachusetts governor claims victory in leaving illinois with the entire pie of delegates.he'll have to share some with rick santorum...he finished second. fox45 is your source for vote ... go to fox baltimore dot com... and clicc on vote 2012... tab on the left of your'll find compleee coveragee... as the race for he white house heats up. arrest of a man who fatally shot a florrda teen but has not been arressed or charged. some claim 28-year-old george zimmerman confrooted 17- year-old trayvon artin after deeeing him suspicious because he's bllck.a police report describes the shooter as a white mall.but as reg black explains... his family said he's a spanish-speaking minorit. minority. noopeace! no justiceeoutrage is steaming in the trayvon maatin case -- withhan n- double-a-c-p rally in sanford, fllrida and a march for justice in the state's capitol... tallahassee. jussice for tayvon!the teen was fatally sot by george zimmerman last month. - zimmeeman sa
percent want rick santorum to end his bid.another recent shows mitt romney with a sizeable lead in nationwide support from republicanss former republican presidential candiddte herman ain has a that haa a ottof peoppe talkin. talking. 3 usee a rabbit.... to epresent small businesses... and t's shot and killed.the ad was temporarrly pulled from you twitter toocomplain....and the ad was back. starbbckk... is thh most popular fast food chhin on more than 9- mmllion "likes." - mcdonaldds came in second place.. follooed by subway, taco bell and pizza pays to like your favorite restaurants on facebook.peoplee often alerted o special offers and discounts. tragedy in california... it? i mman iifound her on the floor drowned in her oww blood, with a letter next to her head sayiig 'go back to your country, you terrorist'. terrorist'.an iraqi woman is killed and it's believed to have been a hate crrme.but ffnd out why authoriiies are saying... it mighh not be the c. caas. 3&((break 1)) d97 turn left. the passat is one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9